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Blue Line K-9 Training

Dog obedience & training
Greater Raleigh, North Carolina


Blue Line K-9 Training provides private and group obedience lessons, board and train programs, and day camps for dogs. We also specialize in dogs with aggression issues.

Whether your dog simply needs better manners or you have serious aggression and behavior issues, we can show you how to more fully enjoy life with your dog.

Serving Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas.


Imagine having a dog who comes when you call...can be trusted off-leash...doesn't jump...doesn't bite...and is a joy to be around for you and your family. We can show you the way.

Our Services

Our goal is for you to have a balanced, well-behaved dog, even amidst life’s distractions. Our programs will teach your dog OBEDIENCE and BASIC MANNERS: housebreaking, leash walking, sit, down, stay, leave it, calm greetings, quiet on command, and more.

If other trainers have turned you down or let you down, call give one of our services a try.

Contact Blue Line K-9 today for a free demonstration and evaluation of your dog so that we can decide which program is best for you.

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Private Lessons

Teach new behaviors and build on what we learn each week for 5 weeks. Your dog will have better house manners and reliably sit down, place, walk nicely on a leash, and come when called. This is geared towards the dog owner that has time to work with the dog on a daily basis. Also includes 12 months of group polishing class after completion.

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Play for the Day

Drop off your dog in the morning and pick up after work. While you are gone, your dog will receive extensive training as well as fun play. Good for 10 days spread out over a number of weeks. Your dog will learn better house manners and reliably sit, down, place, walk nicely on a leash, and come when called. Also includes 12 months of group polishing class after completion.

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Board and Train

Geared toward dogs with serious behavior issues, aggression or owners who are too busy to do the training themselves. Your dog stays at Blue Line K-9 for two weeks so I can do the training for you. Your dog will receive training in multiple areas, several times a day. We also go on field trips to ensure that your dog will listen no matter where they are or what distractions are around. Also includes 12 months of group polishing class after completion.

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This program combines one week of our Board and Train program PLUS private lessons. This allows me to start the training to address any serious behavior issues and then bring the owner in for private lessons so you can learn how to get along together. Also includes 12 months of group polishing class after completion.

Contact Blue Line K-9 today for a free demonstration and evaluation of your dog so that we can decide which program is best for you.

Email BlueLineK9Raleigh@gmail.com or call 919.623.1240.


Jeff Malzahn
Owner and Trainer
Police K-9 Handler
Dog Lover

Jeff Malzahn always wanted to work with animals and grew up wanting to be a veterinarian. He switched his focus in college to becoming a police officer with the goal of becoming a K-9 officer. Soon enough, he was a Wyoming, Michigan, police officer, working with a Belgian Malinois named Jake. Jeff trained Jake to be a dual-purpose narcotics detection and patrol dog and graduated from Wyoming’s 8-week handler course. Jeff and Jake went on to make multiple apprehensions and narcotics seizures and even received USPCA Region 19 ‘Catch of the Quarter’ for one his apprehensions.

Jeff and Jake certified with the USPCA in both patrol work and narcotics detection, both regionally and nationally. They also attended multiple training courses and seminars. He has helped with the selection, evaluation and training of multiple police and personal protection dogs. He competed in multiple personal protection dog trials and won and placed in multiple trials.

Through his training connections, Jeff learned dog psychology, obedience, agility, protection work and how to be a decoy. He moved to North Carolina in 2009 and began to work for a large police department in Wake County. He is currently a patrol Sergeant and has been a police officer for over 18 years.

Blue Line K-9 Training LLC was started by Jeff with the goal of passing his knowledge and experience to dog owners in Wake and Johnston counties in North Carolina. He currently owns two Belgian Malinois, named Bodi and Luther, and a Chihuaha named Tito. Jeff lives in Johnston County with his wife and three daughters.



Customer Reviews

Let our clients tell you what THEY think

“I was desperate to find a trainer who could deal with my very protective (and somewhat aggressive at times) lab/pointer mix. Jeff came to my house for the free consultation and I immediately knew he was the one who could help Charlie (and me!!!). Jeff took Charlie for a one-week board and train and we have since had follow-up appointments at a place of my choice. Jeff is awesome to work with. He is very knowledgeable and truly cares about your dog’s success/progression. He didn’t even get annoyed when I emailed him every day to get an update on Charlie haha! Jeff, thank you for all you have done and are doing to help get Charlie to be better behaved.”

—Brendle H.

“My dog was dog-reactive, lunging, barking and pulling at the leash when she saw another dog. After 4 lessons, we walked her on the Greenway and passed 6 yelping dogs in a pack (on retractable leashes no less) and she had no reaction at all. I was more than happy! She even sits through all kinds of distractions, not budging. Not only did Jeff train her, he helped me understand what I needed to do to continue her good behavior. Excellent trainer, he knows what he’s doing.”

—Loraine P.

“Jeff did an amazing job with our pit mix. He came over and met with us and within the first 5 minutes I knew he was exactly with our Rexy needed. Jeff took him and trained him and a week later returned a totally different dog. He has been back twice now to help reinforce some behaviors. Jeff even came and did our training on our walk to and from school since some of our trouble was good behavior with the stroller and excitement around the school kids. Jeff tailored everything to exactly what our family needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

—Krysti Z.

“Mika has been in board and train with Jeff for 10 days. When he brought her home today, wow, what a changed dog!!! He went over everything with us and let us work with her while he was here! He is the best trainer I have seen. We tried another trainer months ago with no success. If you want your fur babies trained right, give Jeff a call!!! Jeff, I personally cannot thank you enough!!!”

—Phyllis H.

“It’s bad when everyone knows who you are in the neighborhood because of how your dog acts. I told Jeff that we wanted to be able to control our 2-year-old German Shepherd but we didn’t want to lose him as a protector. He explained that he needed to relearn the basics so that he would listen on command and that is how we break his distractions. Well, Jake came home on Wednesday. Jeff worked with us that night. The barking stopped! We were amazed!! Friday morning, we went to the vet’s office as soon as they opened. He looked so well mannered. Normally we have to go the back side and the techs rush to bring us into a room because he acts so aggressive. We just sat there, with the rest of them! This is truly amazing! When Dr. Simpson came into the room she could not believe it. She said he is a completely different dog. Jeff is a wonderful trainer and we couldn’t have found anyone better!!”

—Lara F.

“Thank You Jeff at Blue Line K9 Training!! Our sweet 3-year-old girl Butterbean has become a true champion. Your assessments of her were right on, and the training plan you set up for us has continued to help her grow every day. She is more comfortable in stressful situations than ever before. She walks the streets in the city and runs the fields in the country with confidence. She follows many commands with an attentive eye, and will leave her safe place during a storm just to say “Hi.” Her future shines bright no matter how dark her past may have been. We all learned to move forward thanks to you, and we’re not looking back. Thanks to you and your family for loving her and making her feel supported. Working with you has been one of the best decisions we’ve made, and we will recommend Blue Line K9 Training to everyone!!”

—Geoff H.

“We have been very impressed with Blue Line K-9 Training. Jeff and his team gave our 6-month-old American Bulldog/Lab mix a solid baseline of obedience skills. We opted for the 2-week board and train. With a large family reunion coming soon, we needed our Olivia to have a solid foundation. We contacted Jeff and set some dates in advance. Jeff is very easy to work with and stayed in constant contact with us during the training phase. When the day finally came for Olivia to come back home, Jeff conducted a demonstration of Olivia’s new skills before being reunited. He also trained us on how to continue to work with Olivia. The continued tech support and overall experience has been nothing short of first class!”

—John B.

“Jeff is super-knowledgable about dog training. We adopted a 2 year old German Shepherd who had never walked on a leash and had not been socialized with other dogs. We were at a loss at what to do with her. With a little help from Jeff, I can now take Sophie out stress-free! His advice is always super helpful and it works! And he did a fantastic job teaching us how to be in control of her! I am beyond pleased with the help we have gotten from Jeff.”

—Haley V.

“Jeff is legitimately a lifesaver. Our dog Holden was very aggressive towards people, even those he was familiar with and it seemed like our only option was going to be to put him down. He did board and train with Jeff and came back a changed dog. He’s extremely obedient, able to go out in public without issue, and has confidence in himself. Jeff came to my house after his time with Holden and worked with us so I could learn to be a confident leader who my dog respects. I am so, so, so grateful that he saved my baby! Thank you Jeff!!!!!!”

—Colleen F.

“We highly recommend Blue Line. He turned our dog into a great companion that now has respect for us and follows commands very well.”

—Jeff D.

“Thanks for all Jeff done for our highly active German Shepherd. He was so hard to handle until stayed with Jeff for the week board and train. The day he came home we could see the moment he got out of the truck he was a different dog. Now we can bring him inside without him jumping all over furniture and also take him into town. Highly recommend Jeff for any dog training.”

—Robert P.

“Best decision we could have made for our German Shepherd! When we adopted our 3-year-old dog in February, we were told she was animal aggressive. Nothing could have prepared us for the extent of her animal aggressive behavior. The sight of another dog would immediately result in severe lunging and barking. Her severe animal aggression was extremely uncontrollable. Jeff took Luna for a week of board and train. We are so pleased with the results. We are now able to walk in the neighborhood and pass other dogs without experiencing her prior behavior. It has been 2 months since her training with Jeff and the continual improvement in Luna’s aggression is remarkable. We are positive if Jeff could help us with Luna’s dog aggression, he can without a doubt help anyone!”

—Amy M.


Contact us today for a free demonstration and evaluation of what we can do for you and your dog.

Blue Line K-9 Training LLC

Serving Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas: Clayton, Auburn, Garner, Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Knightdale, Wendell, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina.

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